Karen E Dreyer

Oil Paintings


My Name is Karen Dreyer.  I have been painting oil paintings for more than 15 years.  It is one of my life passions.

My mom, Toni Arnett, is also an artist.  I have been studying under her my whole life.  I started out watching her paint when I was a small child.  When I was older, she began to actively teach me about drawing, painting, seeing light and color.  Much of what I know about painting I have learned from her.  I feel very lucky.  I have also studied under Robert Von and Carolyn Anderson.

I have two galleries: one is for work that is currently for sale and the other is a gallery of my work that has been sold.  I include the latter gallery because I also do commissions.  I especially enjoy painting  portraits of peoples pets and animals.  I hope you enjoy my galleries.

Welcome to my website.